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Save a Turtle Bracelet

Save a Turtle Bracelet

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Help Save Turtle Lives!

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Help Improve Sea-Life

We fight to protect thousands of sea turtle and ocean colonies from deforestation and harmful waste!


Join the Ocean's Recycled Plastic Movement

Over 25 million pounds of plastic are dumped into the ocean each year, which is toxic to all marine life. We've partnered with the Ocean's Recycled Plastic Organization to help remove hundreds of thousands of pounds of plastic out of the ocean each year!


Plastic has been found in over 99% of sea turtles causing thousands of them to suffer and painfully die. 

Help Save and Support Sea Turtles by wearing our uniquely crafted Save a Turtle Bracelet. Each bracelet comes with 1 of 1 unique link to Track Your Own Sea Turtle and follow them on an unforgettable journey!

  • Helps Turtles - The Save a Turtle Bracelet was created to raise awareness and provide protection for more turtles around the world.
  • Premium Quality - Our bracelets are handmade with precious stones and are stretchable to fit most sizes.
  • Track Your Own Turtle - Save a life and virtually track your own turtle! Spread awareness and make a difference. 

*Due to high demand we are extremely low on stock. Be sure to get your necklace today before it's too late! 

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